Hey U – Single

January 18, 2018

Hey You
Hey You
Hey You

Verse 1: Hey Sweet baby, Your not from here
Whats your name? Thats fits you girl..
(So Sexy)I Just want to love you down
Come with me, We will paint the town.

Hook: Hey You, Hey!, Hey You, Hey!
I know your body, And Its calling Me.
Hey You, Hey!, Hey You, Hey!
Lets get it started, You know I’m on it.

Verse 2: You got that sweetness , Its the deepest
Pie in the sky, I’m on my creep shit.
Girl your special, On the threshold of greatest
Better then Coke and Gin
Reminisce  of a bedroom blessing
Your body moving like my favorite record
Fill you up like dinner at breakfast
Your my perfect sunset and I can’t let deem

Verse 3: We’ll be rocking and were rolling
In that benz, (With the top open)
Crusin on the 95
Listening to Hot 9
Your Hair is blowing (HARMONY)
The Love Is Flowing (HARMONY)
I adore you, (Sweet Baby)
I adore you, (Oh I do..)
I adore you, (It feels so good to me)
I adore you
Let keep it Simply, And I’ll be gentle
Like candy, taste so good babe


Written By: Ashley Lovechild