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Ashley Kyle Johnson (July 18, 1984), better known by his stage name Ashley Lovechild, is an American R&B singer, songwriter, record producer, and actor. Ashley is also CEO of indie label OUV Records. Currently released two new singles “No Juice” “Love You” from his up coming album “Signature: Ashley Lovechild. Release date for album is still unknown but heavily anticipated.

Ashley gained notoriety for album “The Light Show” which charted on iTunes at 87 on the Top 100 in 2014.

Ashley Lovechild was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. Both parents is of African American decent. His father was an musician and signed artist to Weston Records back in the late 70’s. As a child, he was raised with oldest brother Miles Johnson by both parents even though they separated later in married. His mother Izetta Johnson recently passed away due to Lung Cancer. Ashley also have other siblings which includes an older brother and younger brother from father side of the family.

Showing natural athletic abilities, Ashley participated in sports, particularly football, from his days at Pop Warner to collegiate levels and a semi-pro endeavor; winning many awards, MVP’s and distinctions. His college life includes attendance at Nassau Community College and Morrisville University in New York state, earning a degree in Humanities. During college, he dabbled in modeling and acting and landed roles as an extra in Maid in Manhattan, Ed T.V. and Law and Order.

In early years Ashley would hurry home before anyone else, so he could practice his singing, without ridicule. He would pen songs while commuting back and forth and store them away until the day his break would come. This was a daunting task as he was known as a local athletic talent and no one knew he even enjoyed singing. His mother remarked on back in 2008 . . . “I am surprised that he has pursued music. He was always playing sports, football. College gave him the confidence he needed to follow his dream.” One evening, while rehearsing a few of his songs, unbeknownst to him his father was listening. Completely surprised by the melodic sounds coming from the other side of the door, he rushed his son into the studio. Ashley figured he would score a deal with one of the big guns of R&B music like Warner Bros or Columbia Records, but opted to sign with Rolistic Records, an independent label out of Brooklyn, New York. Weeks later he began recording his debut album . . . THE OTHER SIDE. His single “Love Is a Matrix” soon became a crowd favorite at the locals clubs and lead to his selling over a 1,000 hard copies CD’s in the streets of Brooklyn. And another 2,000 copies online. Soon After he accumulated over 14 shows in cities such as Sacramento, Atlanta, Baltimore, Philadelphia, New Brunswick, Boston, and NYC.
From 2010-2012 Ashley focus on releasing mix-tapes and compilations “Shirt-Less” and “Hostel Takeover”.

In 2014 Ashley’s second album, The Light Show, was released on March 4. The album was released under his new label HighRollerMusic and it sold 4,800 copies independently. The album was charted on the top 100 on iTunes. Til this day, The Light Show album is on heavy radio rotation.
In 2015 and 2016 he dropped several singles and a few EPs. Such as Ash: The Mixtape Vol. 1 & 2, Unstoppable, One Dance, Love Thing, Let Your Clothes, Hey U, and Royalty Remix.
Most Currently Ashley has released his newest singles No Juice and Love You, which are lead for his upcoming album Signature: Ashley Lovechild. Ashley is the CEO/artist of his new indie recording label OUV Records (One United Voice). And currently have new Pop artist artist Chailuv signed under him.

Ashley also owns HighRollerMusic Studios and One United Voice Productions which is an filming company.

And Lastly Ashley stars in new web series What Strangers Do which airs Thanksgiving Night 2017.
Although, he clearly has his own sound, Ashley has an endless list of artists who have influenced his music. Naming a few, John Legend, R. Kelly, Tyrese, Ginuwine and Usher.

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